“MAG Container Lines (L.L.C)’’ is a member of “MAG Group”, a leading business group established 36 years ago in the United Arab Emirates.
Since the inception back in 2005, MCL have always had the aspiration to be recognized in the global market as one of the leading Freight operators and care for the needs of the clients.

MAG Container Lines operates a fleet of 4 owned vessels and runs other chartered liners.

Additionally, MCL owns a massive fleet of dry and special equipment containers.

We provide a wide array of services such as Feedering, Freight Forwarding,
Trans-Shipment, Agency and Ship management services.

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Our Team

We hired the expert people with motivation and enthusiasm and a board of executive managers determine the strategic direction of the business and ensure their implementation.

Our Vision

 “We want to be the first shipping line of choice for our clients, and be part
of the worldwide shipping line industry’’.

Our Mission

“We are dedicated to care for our
client needs and satisfaction through
establishing of a worldwide network
of connections because our clients
are the main drive of growth, and
the core for our future expansion and
development plans”.

Our Values

• Safety begins and ends with each
MCL employee.
• Respect, reliability, honesty and
integrity are our key principles.
• High performance is not only
valued; it is our core of business.

Our goals

• Client satisfaction through provision of high end quality customer service and support
• Expansion in various business sectors to ultimately satisfy our clients and accomplish our targets
• Aiming to be more active in special equipment to support our client requirement
• Dedicated customer service where direct link with clients is established and easier follow up of shipment is executed.